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Poster: dudeman5685 Date: Jan 22, 2009 9:34pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: See recent additions, open source archive

That is kina what I have been planing on my own, building a bibliography on the Second International on worldcat

But the sticking point is, the London congress was the only one with the full proceedings published in English. The International Socialist Bureau tried to get US and British parties to translate and print the records of the later congresses, but these failed due to a lack of underwriters.

Some people just have no appreciation of History.

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Poster: garthus Date: Jan 24, 2009 5:02pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: See recent additions, open source archive


I saw some interesting items in your biblio. Are any or all of them in the Archive, if I can get them I will have them scanned.


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Poster: gaid Date: Jan 24, 2009 6:06pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: See recent additions, open source archive

Very interesting bibliography on the Second International.

However the main source remains these series:
Histoire de la IIe Internationale, Geneve : Minkoff Reprint, 1976-1985. 23 vols.
I. Documents généraux. t. 1-5 :
t. 1. M. Beer: Fifty years of international socialism -
t. 2. T. Kirkup: A history of socialism -
t. 3. Les congres socialistes internationaux, La manifestation du 1er mai, Die Internationale und der Weltkrieg -
t. 4. J. Longuet: Le mouvement socialiste international -
t. 5. C. Stegmann, H. Hugo: Handbuch des Socialismus --
II. Congrès international ouvrier socialiste, Paris 14-21 juillet 1889. t. 6-7 --
III. Congrès international ouvrier socialiste, Bruxelles 16-23 août 1891. t. 8 --
IV. Congrès international socialiste, Zurich 6-12 août 1893. t. 9 --
V. Congrès international socialiste des travailleurs et des chambres syndicales ouvrières, Londres 26 juillet-2 août 1896. t. 10-12 --
VI. Congrès socialiste international, Paris 23-27 septembre 1900. t. 13 --
VII. Congrès socialiste international, Amsterdam 14-20 août 1904. t. 14-15 --
VIII. Congrès socialiste international, Stuttgart 6-24 août 1907. 16-18, 18 bis --
IX. Congrès socialiste international, Copenhague 28 août-3 septembre 1910. t. 19-21 --
X. Congrès international extraordinaire, Bâle 24-25 novembre 1912. t. 22 --
XII. Bulletin periodique du Bureau socialiste international, 1909-1913. t. 23

Plus these online resources:
Sources on the Development of the Socialist International (1907-1919)

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Poster: dudeman5685 Date: Jan 24, 2009 7:37pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: See recent additions, open source archive

Minkoff was basically a reprint series based on the george Haupt bibliography, which I also used to create my own list (though I also added some things he didn't) Most of the material is in French or German, but there is some in English, Yiddish and, I suspect, Russian.

I don't know about the cp status of the Minkoff reprints.